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Bro Kaizen

The young man’s growth mindset


If you, gentle reader, have only just arrived, and if you will forgive a bit of untidy exposition: The central thesis of this blog is that you can and should progress in whatever areas are relevant to your life by applying yourself in a dilligent and careful way.

We are interested in performing well in scholarship and industry, developing strong interpersonal skills, improving physical fitness, and figuring out how to have sex with more girls.

Coupled to these notions are unconventional (often called cynical) political views about the organization of our society, globalization, and economics. We try not to pull any punches. A broad mandate, you say? With apologies to Sarah Palin, “you betcha.”

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  • Q: TL;DR. Explain this in a nutshell?

A: This is a blog for young (and young-at-heart) men about the growth mentality, humanity under the capitalist system, epistemology, and unconventional political positions. Strictly real talk.

  • Q: What does “Bro Kaizen” mean?

A: “Bro” is used here in the American sense of “male friend,” and “kaizen” is used in the Japanese sense, ie. “continual improvement” a la Toyota.

  • Q: What does Kaizen have to do with politics and epistemology?

A: We claim it’s helpful to understand the world around you, including itse political and ideological facets, in order to develop yourself.

  • Q: Who are you?

A: Yes.

  • Q: Srsly.

A: @bro-kaizen. Holla at us.

  • Q: I appreciate what you’re doing, how can I donate to or otherwise support Bro Kaizen?

A: You can’t. Both Bro Kaizen’s authors are lucratively tenured in academia in a low-cost-of-living region and consequently don’t need your money. Maybe give it to a charity instead of us? In general we think you should be skeptical of for-profit websites that promulgate ideas of any sort. This is doubly true for controversial sites on topics such as “The Manosphere” or Feminism; they have clickbait incentives instead of truth incentives.

On hyperlinks:

When discussing for-profit endeavors and commercial products, Bro Kaizen aims whenever possible to link to the relevant Wikipedia page instead of the sales/landing page for the product. Some commercial entities are too niche to have their own Wiki page, in which case we aim if possible for a discussion in some neutral and unbiased forum. Failing this, we link to the product’s own marketing materials. However, there are no affiliate links anywhere on this site and Bro Kaizen does not make any money from anything mentioned here (or, for that matter, from this site in any capacity whatsoever. We write this blog because we think it’s true, not to make money).

On grammar and mechanics:

Bro Kaizen follows the spelling and mechanical conventions of American standard written English, primarily because this is the internet and the Americans seem to have staked out their idiom as the lingua franca. So for purposes of general interoperability, and despite the headmaster-in-our-heads delivering scathing reprimands, Bro Kaizen will be visiting e.g. the theater and putting full stops inside the “quotation marks.”