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Bro Kaizen

The young man’s growth mindset

Civilization as a Heritable Personality Trait

Some peoples have constructed high-trust societies with a middle class (henceforeth abbreviated to the slightly-less-unwieldy HTSWAMC), while others have not. For example, the Japanese, the British, and the Israelis have constructed such societies. Conversely, there exist no recorded examples of Africans constructing one.

A First-Principles Derivation of Ethno-Nationalism

A civilization is neither a country’s land and soil, nor its built environment of skyscrapers and bridges, nor its laws written on paper. Civilizations are always and everywhere made of people. And consequently, if you remove the people from a country, you will inevitably remove their civilization along with them.

The Dapper Propagandist

The human animal is by and large easily bamboozled by the surface impressions of things. You will meet comparatively few people who see beyond the most superficial of apperances. Another way of stating this is that people want to be communicated with in a visual, quick, low-friction way. Communication is receiver based, so why not send them information on the channel that they listen to?

On the Teleology of Womanizing

There are many reasons to become a competent womanizer, not least among which is the fact that you are biologically programmed for sex and therefore that the pursuit of women is inherently interesting. But philandering nirvana also brings some handy side benefits, of which more below.

Compassion and Empathy in the Context of Masculinity

When you are young, healthy, strong, and perhaps educated or possessed of a stable and loving family, it’s easy to overdevelop the aggressive side of your character. You lift in the gym, watch sports, get loud with your buddies, develop the skill of picking up Anglo-American girls by being a loud and confident knob, and so on. All these things are well and good ingredients of the modern man’s existence, but balance is also important.

Throw Away Your Television

Who are we to argue with Anthony Kiedis, former mostly-nude drug addled madman extraordinaire, Red Hot Chili Peppers jefe, and sometime Freddy Mercury lookalike?

Expert Instruction

Deliberate practice is hard. Sometimes, you can cheat that difficulty by finding a reliable expert who has written a how-to guide, and following the recipe exactly. This is an extension of the notion that you should find user-friendly instruction if possible, and was stolen blatantly from Lyle McDonald at Body Recomposition.

In his entertaining rant, Lyle says,

Instruction in Natural Language

In many college classes and in the knowledge-work industry, you will be required to learn new material from a book. Very likely you will be assigned some reading on the topic, and this reading will probably be from an eminent and respectable tome. When people see you carrying around that tome, or reading it on the tube, they will be quite impressed by your powerful brain. But there’s one large drawback.